Why Tiny Whale?

Why Tiny Whale?

We’re experienced

We’re a seasoned design and development team that understands how to connect marketing investments to business goals. Your project won’t bounce between junior designers or be assigned to someone based on availability. Who you see is who you get, and we’ll be hands-on at every step.

We’re cost efficient

We didn’t structure Tiny Whale to be the cheapest, but we are more efficient than traditional agencies. We don’t have high overhead costs, multi-tiered project management, or use-it-or-lose-it retainers. You only pay for what you get.

We’re flexible on fee structure

We primarily work in two ways, but we’re always open to what works for you:
  • Fixed bid - We’ll discuss your scope of work and prepare a detailed estimate with a set price. (A great option if you’re working with fixed budgets.)
  • Hourly work - If your scope is a bit more open-ended, we’re happy to dive right in, and at the end of each month we’ll send a detailed timesheet and invoice for work completed. (We always give you an estimated range before starting work, and we’ll keep you updated throughout—no surprise bills!)

We can integrate with your team or work independently

Being small means we are nimble and highly collaborative. We make a great partner to an existing in-house design or agency team, but we’re also perfectly comfortable taking direction and running with it on our own.

We’re small but scalable

We aren’t a big team, but we have lots of friends. Many of them are senior creatives and industry pros who we can rope in for specialized expertise (photography, video, strategy, copywriting, etc), or to lend a hand on bigger/faster projects.

We adapt our schedule to yours

We love our ongoing client relationships, but we understand that your marketing needs can ebb and flow throughout the year—and even throughout the course of a project. We’re happy to ramp up when you need us, and lay low when you don’t.

We can work with your existing brand or help define your brand

Maybe you have extensive brand guidelines, or maybe you only have an idea and a napkin sketch. Either way, we are just as comfortable working with existing brands as we are building new ones.

We love what we do

The difference between working and loving what you do mostly comes down to the people you surround ourselves with, right? When we launched Tiny Whale back in 2014, we knew we loved what we did. What we didn’t anticipate was how much satisfaction we would find in meeting new people, learning about different businesses, and making clients happy.  

Thank you for considering us... we (literally) couldn’t do it without you!