Tiny Whale Opens an Office in Hawaii


After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce we’re opening a satellite office on the island of Oahu! While we’ll still be in business on the continent, our new location will enable us to better service our large client base in the Marshall, Midway and Wake Islands. It also provides us an opportunity to further pursue work in surfboard decals, tourist T-shirt design, and to zero in on our vertical market: whale watching tourism.

“Our new office is in a live/work space just west of Honolulu”, says Miles, our manager of all things tactical. “It’s a true live/work scenario, as we’ll be subletting through AirBNB to pay for rent. Which is also a great way to meet new people. There’s no better way to get to know someone than letting them sleep in your kitchenette.”

We’re still working on the logistics of who goes and when. Emi called “dibs” on January and February, but that seems to be a highly desirable time to get out of Seattle. To that end we’ve contracted with a mediator to settle the dispute, which will be resolved with a live streaming dance-off in mid May. Lorie is already practicing her Worm, while Zak claims he has a secret move called “Nudist Boycott”.*

We’re already banking on the success of this expansion, and have set our sights on opening an office in the Cayman Islands on April 1 of next year!

*Depending on how true this dance move is to its name, our live stream may be limited to viewers 18 and older.

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