Dog vs. Cat

A while ago, we posted about our own Lorie Ransom and the launch of her web comic, The Daily Drawing. Over a year later she’s still at it! A couple of my favorites are her cat and dog anatomy illustrations. I love them so much, we have the cat version on a pillow. If you want one too (and lots of other stuff) head over here and check out her store!



While Lorie was busy drawing her Applejack Manhattan cocktail (inspired by the website They Draw and Cook), I decided to illustrate a recipe for a Korean rice bowl called bibimbap. I’m not actually Korean, but I am a huge fan of Korean food. This is one of my favorite things to make at home. It’s fun to make all the little toppings and let guests assemble their own. Today is the Lunar New Year, which is observed in Korea as one of the most significant Korean holidays. Much of the day is spent eating, which is something we can get on board with. Happy Lunar New Year!

MapleJack Manhattan

Cocktail Time

Not long ago I happened upon They Draw and Cook, a huge collection of whimsical, illustrated recipes to which anyone can contribute. It seemed like a fun and interesting project, so Emi and I got together with friend with fellow artist Amy Hevron to spend a day working on our own illustrated recipes. I concocted (and field-tested) this MapleJack Manhattan recipe to take advantage of some maple bitters I had ordered in the mail. Enjoy!

Seahawks Fan

Anatomy of a Seahawks Fan

We’re busting out the green and blue in support of our Seahawks this weekend! We offer this scientifically accurate diagram, for your use as either an identification guide or instructions on how to gussy yourself up for the big game. Go Hawks!

The Daily Drawing on

Designer, Developer…Cartoonist!

Today I’m excited to share that my comic, The Daily Drawing, is officially syndicated on! This humbling event began as a yearlong daily art project back in 2013, through which I discovered I really like drawing funny stuff. With the encouragement of friends, I packaged up the funniest pieces and sent them off to the major cartoon syndicates. To my great delight, Universal Uclick contacted me and offered this placement!

Given that it’s the new year with resolutions and such, if you are considering doing “a thing a day” challenge, I highly recommend it. You never know what could happen!


Skateistan Charity Auction

Lorie, Emi and Chris were invited by Stoke Strategy to design skate boards for an auction benefitting international non-profit Skateistan. Skateistan incentivizes boys and girls in Afghanistan to further their education through skateboarding. Overall the auction was a success, raising just under 10K for the charity. Thanks to Stoke Strategy for putting on such an awesome event!