Calling all plant lovers!

As a fun side project, our very own Lorie Ransom designed and built A Tree Garden. She’s far too humble to brag about it, so I’m here to do that for her!

Lorie is an avid gardener. Her initial inspiration was to have a plant list that she could reference so she knew what she planted and where. Instead of just making a list in a journal like most people would do, Lorie decided to challenge herself by integrating the newest WordPress features like the WP REST API.

If you like plants, craft projects, birds and bugs, you’ll love A Tree Garden. Check it out!

Our gift to the last minute gifter

Print-at-home holiday bottle tags!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, family gatherings and all manner of gift exchanges. A bottle of liquor or wine makes a great last minute present, but it’s always seemed like the gift giver’s equivalent of buying a souvenir from the airport giftshop…

Not anymore.

Now you can turn your boring old bottle into a creative and classy gift with our (patent pending) Tiny Whale Boozy Bottle Tags. Each tag was handcrafted by our team of Adobe Illustrator artisans and comes with a booze-specific holiday drink recipe, rigorously tested and perfected by our (hic) in house team of (hic) cocktail tasters.

Just download and print your tag of choice, cut along the dotted lines, throw on your ugliest sweater, and you’re ready to party in style.

No matter what you’re drinking, we’ve got a tag for you.

Happy Holidays and a rowdy New Year, from your friends at Tiny Whale.



Whiskey ›
Drink Recipe: The Night(cap) Before Christmas

Vodka ›
Drink Recipe: The Lusty Leg Lamp

Rum ›
Drink Recipe: Rosy-Cheeked Rum Punch

Tequila ›
Drink Recipe: The Mistletoe Express

Gin ›
Drink Recipe: The Ebeneezer

Pisco ›
Drink Recipe: The Cindy Lou Who

Wine/Other ›
(With humorous pairing suggestions)


Dog vs. Cat

A while ago, we posted about our own Lorie Ransom and the launch of her web comic, The Daily Drawing. Over a year later she’s still at it! A couple of my favorites are her cat and dog anatomy illustrations. I love them so much, we have the cat version on a pillow. If you want one too (and lots of other stuff) head over here and check out her store!

Pimm's Cup Recipe

A refreshing cocktail for the long weekend

Pimm’s Cup is a new favorite around here. They are light and refreshing! Here’s how to make it: Fill a glass with ice. Add 2 oz Pimms, 1 slice of lemon, 1 slice of cucumber and 1 strawberry. Stir it up and top with 7-up. Enjoy!

Tiny Whale Opens an Office in Hawaii


After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce we’re opening a satellite office on the island of Oahu! While we’ll still be in business on the continent, our new location will enable us to better service our large client base in the Marshall, Midway and Wake Islands. It also provides us an opportunity to further pursue work in surfboard decals, tourist T-shirt design, and to zero in on our vertical market: whale watching tourism.

“Our new office is in a live/work space just west of Honolulu”, says Miles, our manager of all things tactical. “It’s a true live/work scenario, as we’ll be subletting through AirBNB to pay for rent. Which is also a great way to meet new people. There’s no better way to get to know someone than letting them sleep in your kitchenette.”

We’re still working on the logistics of who goes and when. Emi called “dibs” on January and February, but that seems to be a highly desirable time to get out of Seattle. To that end we’ve contracted with a mediator to settle the dispute, which will be resolved with a live streaming dance-off in mid May. Lorie is already practicing her Worm, while Zak claims he has a secret move called “Nudist Boycott”.*

We’re already banking on the success of this expansion, and have set our sights on opening an office in the Cayman Islands on April 1 of next year!

*Depending on how true this dance move is to its name, our live stream may be limited to viewers 18 and older.