More design, less drama

We are a Seattle-based creative collective, which is a fancy way of saying we’re like an agency, but also not like an agency.

Once upon a time we all worked at big firms and on big marketing teams. We met creative people (including each other), worked on cool projects and had an all-around good time. But we shared a belief that it could be even better. We felt we could be more efficient and more creative without the overhead and process of a big agency. At some point, we looked around the table (probably a happy hour table) and saw a potent blend of experience, talent and complementary skill sets. Plus, we all liked each other a lot… Tiny Whale was born.


Design & Development

Lorie Ransom

Lorie is a designer and front-end developer with over 15 years experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including gaming, hospitality and professional services. While her focus is on web design and development, she wields her secret powers of illustration when duty calls.

Design & Development

Emi Matsumoto

Emi is a graphic and interactive designer who has worked for leading marketing agencies and, most recently, as an in-house designer for Seattle’s own PopCap Games. In addition to her design skills, Emi is also a talented illustrator and slings some mean front-end code.


Zak Menkel

Over the last 8 years, Zak has worked extensively in marketing and digital media as a writer, information architect and strategic consultant. Zak believes that great content is genuinely valuable, absolutely authentic, and preferably, fun as hell.


Philip Smith

Since 2002, Philip has been creating copy online, in print, and on video for companies large, small, and no longer around. Known to be particular about spelling and grammar, Philip never lets words get in the way of a great idea.

Video & Motion Graphics

Chris Freed

Chris is a graphic and interactive designer with 20 years experience working at leading Seattle agencies for Fortune 100 clients, small startups, and everything in between. His latest passion is welding and creating custom bikes, lights, and hardware.


Jenn Repp

Jenn boasts over 10 years experience as a corporate, wedding and lifestyle photographer. Her style is influenced by her classical training and her experience in journalism.


To Tiny Whale, or not to Tiny Whale?

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of design firms in the Seattle area. Many of them offer the same basic services we do, and most of them are capable of doing great work. Successful relationships are all about finding the right fit, so we want to make sure our clients know who we are.


We don’t do everything, but we do a lot for a small team, and we actually function best when we get to touch multiple elements within a brand or campaign. We also know our boundaries. We’ll be the first to tell you when something is outside our wheelhouse, and we’re always happy to refer you to our broad network of freelancers and other firms, or to rope them in as collaborators.


We’re small by design. This makes us nimble and highly collaborative, but our lean structure also means that we’re usually a better fit for small-medium companies than for large-enterprise companies. Our size and agility also make us a great partner for other agencies and in house marketing teams that need project-specific or ongoing support.


We didn’t structure Tiny Whale to be the cheapest, but we did structure it to be more efficient than traditional agencies. Every member of our team has over 10 years experience. This “maturity” (note the quotes) allows us to work fast and allocate less of your budget to project and relationship management. We also minimize our overhead by working remotely and relying on word-of-mouth (hint hint!) for new business.


We all have to work, so we might as well make it fun. After 10, 15, 20 years in this business, we’ve learned that the difference between working and loving what we do mostly comes down to the people we surround ourselves with—both colleagues and clients. We tend to click with people who are engaged in what they are doing, inspired by great design, open to change, and allergic to drama.